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Ndajefarm Market

NDAJE Farm Ltd, operating under the product name "Real Fish," is a fish farming business located in NYARUGENGE district (Main office), Hatchery in GASABO district, mini feeds factory in KAMONYI district and KARONGI district caging farming on Kivu Lake, Rwanda. We specialize in the production and sale of high-quality fish products, with a focus on sustainable and responsible practices. Our operations cover fish farming, hatchery operations, fish feed production, ensuring a vertically integrated approach to deliver exceptional products to our customers, and durable aquaculture equipment and accessories such as:

 HDPE fish cages, fishing nets of different types, geomembrane pond liners and hatchery equipment.
 The company sales products from reputable manufacturing firms with product warranty on most of its products. The professional team of experts offer quality services in fish farming business plan development, training in fish farming, construction of ponds and installation of cages. We conduct fisheries and aquaculture research and Environmental,Impact Assessments.

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Vision: Our vision is to be a leading provider of sustainable and locally sourced fish products in Africa, contributing to the development of the fish farming industry and ensuring food security for our community.

Mission: Our mission is to produce and supply premium fish products through responsible farming practices, innovative hatchery operations, and the production of high-quality fish feeds. We aim to meet the evolving needs of our customers while supporting the growth and development of the local community

All help our smallholder farmers to increase their productivity, and they are able to sell more products with more quality and quantity and earn more income.